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About Ki of G

Ki (pronounced key) = Energy

G Gratitude

Ki of G Healing and The Healthy Whole LLC is a wellness business based near Boulder and Denver Colorado. I work with your whole being, through holistic spiritual guidance, to find and maintain optimal wellness to best serve you on your path.

My name is Kathy Ganev and I’m The Urban Spirit Guide. In my vision, I see conscious beings creating and thriving peacefully in a flourishing world.

I work with sensitive and driven individuals who are seeking to awaken to their truth and power (aka Super Souls) so they can share their gifts and wisdom with the world and inspire thriving abundance, peace and consciousness with confidence.

My mission is to help Super Souls remember and connect with their truth and power so they can thrive in genuine existence and uncover and share their wisdom and gifts with the world with centered strength and confidence to inspire and enable peace and consciousness. I do this by providing a sacred space of healing to track and retrieve that which will propel you to uncover and fully embrace your consciousness.

I’m doing this work so that we can effect the change necessary in our world to inspire and enable consciousness for all beings and to create a shift that will allow us to live our truth and thrive.

Using techniques from Shamanism (soul retrieval, power animal retrieval), Psychic Healing, Medical Intuition, and Physical and Nutritional Health and Wellness, I provide tools, wisdom, resources and healings for, and help individuals release stress, gain confidence, find peace of mind, release burdens, pains, & old patterns, connect with their true spirit and power, and implement positive & profound changes at a soul level.

By finding our own optimal wellness, we allow our true vibration to shine through opening the doors to our greatest possibilities.