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About Ki of G

Ki (pronounced key) = Energy

G Gratitude

Ki of G Healing and The Healthy Whole LLC is a wellness business based near Boulder and Denver Colorado. I provide guidance through one on one spirit guide sessions conducted over the phone or long distance.

My name is Kathy Ganev and I’m an Empath, Clairvoyant, and Intuitive. I believe all beings can access their greatest wisdom and strength to inspire and enable a thriving existence.

My mission is to help Super Souls wake up and reconnect with their greatest strengths and wisdom so that they can live from a place of intuition and deep connection with their own truth and existence.

Using techniques from Shamanism, Psychic Healing, Medical Intuition, and Physical and Nutritional Health and Wellness, I help sensitive and driven seekers of truth and consciousness (aka Super Souls) access their intuitive wisdom and strengths at a soul level to awaken the warrior within.

By finding our own optimal wellness, we allow our true vibration to shine through opening the doors to our greatest possibilities.